CSols Instrument LabTiles™

LabTiles created through CSols new company Dendrite Labs 
Instrument LabTiles has been designed to improve data visibility and instrument control in your laboratory.

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How we can help you?
CSols can help you improve your laboratory efficiency through the use of our new web based dashboard application called Instrument LabTiles. Instrument LabTiles has lots of great functionality for your instrumental analysis and aims to improve visibility and control in your laboratory in a safe environment.

Instrument LabTiles™
Are you having difficulty accessing important data from your instruments in real-time from any location? Do you require a more efficient failure prediction system within your lab and remote control of your instrument status? Then Instrument LabTiles is a perfect fit for you.

Touch screen access to key data
With Instrument LabTiles providing you with a range of advanced functionality, you can now have access to your laboratory through the touch of a screen. Instrument LabTiles enables real-time data access, as well as remote data analysis and control of your laboratory instruments.

Instrument LabTiles advanced functionality allows you to:

  • Check your instrument and analysis status remotely
  • Manage and process your analysis data from anywhere and at any time
  • Identify analytical failures
  • Connect to all of your analysis instruments regardless of vendor brand or model
  • Improve your instrument performance
  • Save time and resources
  • While keeping costs at a minimum for you.

Check your instrument and analysis status

Using a dashboard web based application, Instrument LabTiles allows easy “at a glance” access to view all of your instruments at the touch of finger. From checking instrument availability to seeing at what stage an analytical run is at there isn’t much that this feature doesn’t allow you to do.

Working in real-time
Providing you with a real-time functionality Instrument LabTiles keeps you up to date with all of your laboratory data with an option to view historical data. This feature allows you to access results within the second they are produced, maximising your productivity within your laboratory.

Low Costs
Our aim at CSols is to maximise efficiency within your laboratory and to do this we create cost effective software at low selling prices. Instrument LabTiles allows you to improve the efficiency in your lab while keeping operational costs for you as low as possible.

Identify analytical failures
Instrument LabTiles will identify and alert you of any analytical failures that occur throughout your daily analysis. Giving you that extra peace of mind that your instrument is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Improve your instrument performance
The instrument utilisation feature of Instrument LabTiles allows the performance of your instrument to be monitored and measured at all times providing you an overview of instrument usage, availability and performance.

Helps you save time and resources
As Instrument LabTiles has been designed to be as user friendly as possible you will find that your day-to-day tasks within the laboratory become faster and more flexible.

Unlimited connection of your laboratory instruments regardless of vendor brand or model
Here at CSols we provide a unique product, which will be adapted to specific requirements of individual instrument types. In order to offer you highest flexibility and efficiency in the future, we will ultimately work with all laboratory instruments. For now, please contact us to discuss specific requirements of your instrumental analysis.

Customizability and Flexibility
For those of you who only require one of these features listed above or the full range or more, please contact us. We are very interested in developing additional, customised functionalities at little costs, provided these would be of benefit to a wider client base as well.

Any further questions? Please get in touch with us today by email: LabTiles@csols.com
or call us on +44 1928 513535