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High Throughput Analytical Services Prep LabPreparation work is often carried out in a specific laboratory location or staging area and can be pretty tedious and laborious. In order to combine and streamline the sample preparation process CSols have used components from Links for LIMS™ and instrument drivers to create an application called PrepLab™. Users of PrepLab™ work in conjunction with their LIMS in order to synchronize sample information. They are then guided on screen during the weighing and placing of sample aliquots into new containers. 

PrepLab™ can be easily interfaced to one or more balances to capture the actual weights in each container. Additionally, it generates uniquely identified barcode labels on an adjacent printer which can be applied to the new sample containers. Once completed the weights and new label identifiers are all synchronized back to LIS / LIMS for a full audit trail. The weights can also be transferred as test or result data to be used directly by the individual analysis labs. This can also be interfaced to other analytical instruments and LIMS using CSols Links for LIMS™.

PrepLab™ Benefits

PrepLab™ is an inexpensive and flexible tool that can be quickly installed and does not depend upon facilities that may or may not be offered by the LIMS system directly.
The benefits of PrepLab™ include:

  • Increase in traceability via reduced transcription and improved labeling
  • Reducing weighing times
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Automatic creation of instrument loading lists
  • Automatic creation of instrument sequences with blanks, AQCs, calibration standards etc. when used with CSols Links for LIMS™

Further Information

Please click here to download the case study: CSols lab integration software reduces costs, turnaround time and transcription errors at Chemtest.

For further information or a demonstration of PrepLab or other CSols software please feel free to ask us via our enquiry page, telephone or email us at: sales@csols.com.

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