Mission Statement


To become one of the World’s leading and most respected suppliers of Software that enhances all aspects of data efficiency i.e. cost, quality, speed, resilience, compliance, carbon footprint etc. of analytical laboratories

Products and Services

We will continue producing systems which both improve the Quality, Cost-Effectiveness and Compliance of our customer’s operations. Product strength will be based on making our systems do exactly what our customers want.


End Users

It is our desire that people who use our systems will have had their work made easier and more fulfilling. Their interaction with us (as an organisation and as individuals) should be enjoyable and rewarding. It is in our nature to have close, long-term relationships.

Instrument and LIMS vendors

Our products should make their offerings more compelling to their customers.


Work should be rewarding, demanding and developing of the individual. We will foster a positive atmosphere with plenty of excitement and humour. Our aim is that our work ethic and professionalism will be such that all can feel pride in what we do.

Note: Other companies that may adopt this policy are CSols Labs Limited, LabMotive Limited, Dendrite Labs Limited, XLabs Limited or other company by permission. Copyright remains with CSols Ltd