CSols Solutions for Water and Environmental Laboratories

CSols Informatics Solutions for Water and Environmental LaboratoriesWater and Environmental analytical laboratories perform a very wide range of analytical techniques for inorganic, organic and physical determinands (DETS) at medium to high throughput sample capacity. Such labs need to be able to produce quality results quickly and economically, with consistent turnaround times, and meet the requirements of accreditation bodies such as the DWI and UKAS. We’ve used both our Links for LIMS and AqcTools software extensively in water laboratories to reduce the time and effort required for analysts to drive their each instrument and produce finished results.

More recently our handheld Tablet PC based software called Remote Sampler has also been helping improve efficiencies by providing a transcription free sample collection system which can interface with LIMS.

To help you assess how we might be able to help you with your own challenges, there follows below a variety of information and links to create a useful general resource. We will also describe some of the solutions that we have prepared in more detail. We hope you find this helpful but if you cannot find the exact solution you are looking for, just let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further. Just click on CSols Contact details.

Links for LIMS software solution for Thermo Scientific Aquakem (Konelab) and Gallery instruments

Thermo Scientific Aquakem (Konelab) and Gallery instruments are often operated in water or environmental monitoring laboratories as they offer low cost per analysis and very rapid analysis times. As the instruments are largely a ‘walk away’ design with easy loading of reagents and samples, these instruments are popular choices for busy laboratories.

These instruments produce an attractive results print out for completed runs and with the volume of results generated per sample there are significant financial and quality benefits from linking these results electronically to a LIMS or other IT system. However as the instrument is self optimizing, analysis is conducted in a different order to that scheduled by the operator making interpretation of any electronic result file extremely complex.

The Role of Links for LIMS

Driver programs developed for Links for LIMS are able to overcome the complexity involved and allow the results to be read like any other instrument system. As with other instruments, Links for LIMS then compliments the routine operation of the instrument software and offers the following additional capabilities:

• more extensive instrument run sequence building with direct access to LIMS or external IT systems and ability to store the fields needed for full data synchronization
• the ability to accept and process dilution factor overrides for contaminated samples and easily move them in the run
• reading and extraction of the data from the instrument result file and synchronization with all sample information
• data analysis of the results with a variety of calculations, handling of duplicates, data formatting and/or rounding, recovery calculations as well as automatic drift and blank correction
• performance verification with statistical checking and charting of AQCs, flagging of failures, monitoring Internal standard signals and calibrations
• easily download ‘reportable’ results to LIMS or other IT data systems and Excel, Access, or MS SQL Server and Oracle database systems.


• the time it takes to build sample queues and synchronize samples with LIMS
• the time to process and analyze results
• the speed and ease in which they can validate the instrument’s performance

CSols clients typically achieve often return on investment (ROI) with their CSols software for each instrument in less than a year.

Further Information

To discuss your requirements further or to request a demonstration of Links for LIMS, AqcTools, Remote Sampler or BactiAnalyst please feel free to contact CSols via our enquiry page or just telephone or email us at sales@csols.com. We look forward to helping you solve your user and regulatory requirements.

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