CSols Implementation Services

CSols Implementation Services

CSols is committed to providing optimized solutions that work for you and meet your agreed goals. An essential part of the process of achieving this is the successful implementation of your solution.

CSols will work closely with you and your colleagues to bring your system into routine use through the following steps:

  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Training and Support

Installation and Testing

Depending on the size of your project, a CSols project manager is assigned to you to first co-ordinate then one or more CSols specialists are assigned to implement the software and hardware as appropriate. The following steps are usually part of the process used by them:

Liaison with all relevant parties

This will involve telephone or email dialog and conference calls with all relevant parties such as scientists, local IT specialists as well as instruments vendors if required. For Links for LIMS & AqcTools installations information requested by the CSols specialist will include network details of the workstations being used as well as example instrument sequence runs, instrument results as well as AQC data.For larger projects CSols will arrange a ‘kick-off’ meeting and prepare a detailed timeline.

Offsite preparation

This involves testing and potential changes to the CSols software at CSols to reduce any potential disruption on site and maximize the specialists time on site.


For Links for LIMS and AqcTools software this will normally be done via download.


CSols will use the test data provided to carry out dry run tests of the software after the installation has been done. Additionally, for Links for LIMS the specialist will work with the instrument analyst to perform a complete run to test the entire operation.

Training and support

Please see our training and support page for further details.

Further Information

For further information, please ask via our enquiry page or email us at sales@csols.com to discuss your implementation requirements in more detail.

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