Environmental Case Studies

Also see how we have already helped Environmental Scientists do what they are best at, please click the links below for further details of some of our Environmental projects:

Northern Ireland Water – Remote Sampler
Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) utilised CSols Remote Sampler system to ensure the integrity of the whole sampling process. NI have seen a vast amount of benefits as a result of CSols remote sampler. For example, the average number of samples collected per sampler per day has increased helping more easily meet the regulatory requirements and helping free up more sampler time for emergency situations. Also, there are significant savings per day in printing our worksheets and registering results into LIMS (up to two man hours per day). More information. 

Chemtest is a leading supplier of high quality, fast response analytical services where customer focus and continuous investment in personnel, processes and technology are at the forefront of their business strategy. CSols software is helping Chemtest’s laboratory workflow from sample reception and processing all the way to results delivery. In particular the following applications are
used; PrepLab ensures samples are correctly labelled, Links for LIMS helps analysts easily synchronise and process instrument results, AqcTools is providing rapid feedback on the performance of each instrument. More information.

Improved results handling for the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) by Gas Chromatography (GC)
TPH in any soil analysis are defined as all of the hydrocarbons extractable by the test method from the sample within the carbon range. This range is appropriate for the determination of contamination caused by products such as diesel, fuel, heating and lubricating oils, paraffin / kerosene and white spirit. Links for LIMS can be used to automatically apply a complex set of rules tuned to the TPH method running on a set of GC instrument results running OpenLab. This saves valuable analyst time freeing them up to perform further laboratory tasks. More information.

Simple batch processing of GC-MS and LC-MS/MS with MassHunter software 
MassHunter is a very powerful software application designed for the control, data capture, data processing and reporting from all of the Agilent GC-MS and LC-MS/MS Mass Spectrometer product ranges. With many test methods generating large numbers of results, (e.g. pesticides in drinking water) it is essential that the appropriate capabilities are in place to deal with this data effectively. Links for LIMS can fully complement MassHunter meeting the requirements for improved AQC responsiveness. Eliminating data transcription from instrument setup and results transfer saves between 3% & 5% errors compared to manual processes. More information.

Transcription free integration with the Agilent Mass Spectrometer & MassHunter software 
The popularity of trace element analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry continues to grow, driven by a number of factors. For example, Improved sample preparation and introduction systems and new regulations requiring decreased detection limits. Links for LIMS is reducing the administration effort on thousands of instruments around the world. On an Agilent ICP-MS with MassHunter Links for LIMS can eliminate data transcription saving between 3% & 5% errors compared to manual processes. More information.

Further information
Links for LIMS is not limited to running the applications that are described above and can be used for many other LC-MS/MS applications, with other vendor instruments and with a range of different LIMS systems. For a copy of an article describing the solution above, for further information about another instrument application or for a demonstration please ask via our enquiry page or call or email us at: sales@csols.com 

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