Jackfield Technology becomes CSols Distributor

By | 9th March 2024

Jackfield Technology becomes CSols Distributor

For Immediate Release

Runcorn, UK March 11 th 2024 – CSols announced today that it was very pleased to announce that Jackfield Technology has agreed to become the distributor of CSols products in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With effect from March 11th 2024, Jackfield Technology will be able to formally offer the CSols Links for LIMS, AqcTools and Remote Sampler software. 

With many years experience in the laboratory sector, Jackfield Technology understand the value of improving workflows and are in an excellent position to supply the CSols product range to help automate laboratory administration and integration workflows.

“Alan has all the attributes to help laboratories quicky take advantage of our products and help them make significant productivity and quality improvements” says Dr. Phil Goddard, CEO of CSols. “In particular we see that Links for LIMS is likely to make a huge impact on day to day laboratory operations in the region, in particular for instruments like LC-MS/MS and ICP-MS where large numbers of results from analytical components need checking and uploading to LIMS without tedious data transcription.”

“With the ability to integrate different instruments and LIMS systems together as well as  providing full AQC data management and charting with the AqcTools software, allows me to offer a much comprehensive and complementary range of products to my clients” says Alan Li of Jackfield, “I’m looking forward to working closely with CSols”.

Jackfield Technology will soon be joined by other distributors in the Asia Pacific region to address the huge demand. “We are aiming to significantly increase CSols footprint in the region in the near future to specifically address the requirements for transcription free operation, improved traceability, data integrity and productivity” says Rod Minett, CSols Asia Pacific regional manager.    

About Jackfield Technology

Jackfield Technology provides reliable consulting service in scientific laboratories which use LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS instrumentation as part of their analytical portfolio. We have over 15-year experience in the mass spectrometry laboratory business in the region.

Further Information

For further information about Jackfield please contact:
Alan Li,  Business Development Director
Jackfield Technology, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email: info@jackfieldtech.com
Tel: +852 9231 9118

About CSols

With customers around the world in a wide variety of industry sectors and over 30 years experience, CSols is recognized as the leading supplier of laboratory integration software. CSols has a wide range of laboratory software and handheld solutions which help laboratories reduce their costs and improve both efficiencies and result quality,

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