Struggling with QC samples?

By | 12th March 2024

Are you struggling with managing your quality control (QC) samples? Are you tired of endless MS Excel sheets and manual processes around QC performance evaluation? Would you like a full investigation of QC failures consolidated into a single location?

Here, in CSols, we have worked closely with industry leaders and existing customers to fulfill all the regulatory requirements in a single statistical QC software package called AqcTools. We have developed dedicated modules to address all of the key QC monitoring requirements for a toxicology laboratory to enable the delivery of high-quality results.

AqcTools is fully UKAS Lab 51 compliant QC monitoring software package, including but not limited to the following functionalities:

  • Shewhart/Levey-Jennings charts

  • Trends, Westgard rules, and multirule quality control
  • Data normal distribution evaluations


  • Control limits calculation derived from statistical analysis of the QC data

  • Fully documented limit reviews
  • QC performance evaluation through F and t-test comparisons
  • Real QC data comparison with regulatory requirements and validation performance
  • Full investigation with root-cause analysis and associated corrective and preventative actions of QC failure

  • Uncertainty of Measurement calculations

Moreover, CSols enable seamless data flow from your analytical instruments to the AqcTools without any manual interference and associated human errors!

No more time-consuming manual QC data reviews and UKAS findings from ISO17025 assessment visits! We are here to help you automate your data flow and take back control over your QC performance!

Let’s discuss how we can help you and your laboratory.

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