Support your ISO15189:2022 compliance

By | 21st March 2024

Are you worried about your laboratory’s IQC performance? Are you struggling with Measurement Uncertainty calculations? Would you like to have better control over IQC failures and related investigations?

CSols can help you to take full control over your IQCs in QC software package called AqcTools. We support your ISO15189:2022 compliance and delivery of high-quality results with the following functionality in AqcTools:

  • Levey-Jennings charts

  • Trends, Westgard rules, and multirule quality control
  • Data normality evaluations

  • Comprehensive Measurement Uncertainty module
  • Statistically (F and t-test) guided limit reviews for IQCs
  • Full investigation with root-cause analysis and associated corrective and preventative actions of IQC failures

CSols is here to help you with automated data transfer and allow you to take full control over your IQCs.

Get in touch at and let’s discuss how we can support your laboratory’s continual improvement.