Integration with Beckman AU5810

By | 30th September 2020

Its nearly 20 years ago that we first interfaced a Beckman Immunoassay analyser. Things have changed a little since then, however we’ve been able to upgrade our Links for LIMS instrument driver for the new faster and improved model, and can now routinely capture and display results data as with the older models.  Barcoded labels on sample tubes arriving in racks are read by the analyser itself, and are immediately checked for validity with LIMS. The test codes fetched electronically are then assigned to the samples so that the analyser can continue uninterrupted, performing only the assays required.  Results are then captured automatically, displayed and flagged live onto the attached Links for LIMS PC workstation. This allows users to check for outliers and QC failures before running regular uploads to LIMS. The modular driver architecture of Links for LIMS support many different communications protocols supporting on premise or cloud based LIMS systems in batch or random access settings. If you are looking for help with improved instrument or analyser integration please give us a call.