LimsLink Migration Offer

By | 22nd September 2020

On December 31st 2020, support for the PerkinElmer LimsLink LIMS integration software package will be withdrawn. If you are, or were, a LimsLink user and have already switched or migrated to an alternative solution, then we hope you and your laboratory staff are continuing to benefit from the improved productivity and quality that software like LimsLink offers. If you haven’t already switched because you haven’t found an alternative, then please consider our Links for LIMS software. 

90% saving
Links for LIMS also makes that seamless connection between LIMS and instruments, often saving up to 90% of analyst’s time compared to doing transcription by hand. As a modular solution it’s also quicker to implement and easier to support, than Excel macros or LIMS vendor’s own instrument integration solutions. Especially for more difficult integrations.

Migration offer
To help laboratories through the transition from LimsLink, CSols Ltd. are now offering incentives to encourage migration to Links for LIMS.  The incentives will depend upon the level and complexity of migration, but licence prices will be reduced by up to 50% compared to normal list prices.  

If you are looking for help with migration now or want to design a contingency plan, please call us on +44 1928 513535 or send an email to