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FAQs – Links for LIMS
We help laboratory scientists and managers who come to us with a wide variety of questions, dilemmas and requests. Here’s some of them:

Instrument interfacing – Links for LIMS

General & Connectivity

• I need to find ways of improving the lab turnaround times, can interfacing help? 
• We don’t run many samples on our instruments, is it still worth interfacing them?
• I have a great instrument but getting results data out of it is very time consuming and most lab people give up, can you help? 
• I have an instrument with no hard drive or floppy disc, with only hard copy printer output and can’t get any help from the vendor to improve things.
• Our samples are barcoded can you help read them in to the instrument?
• We still seem to spend lots of time manually handing different types of files, can your system reduce that?
• We have many instruments of all different types and from different vendors can we use your software for all of them?

Routine Operation 

• I have a high throughput instrument and spend lots of time entering and editing the run sequences?
• We do at least three manual transcriptions of data per instrument run, can you help reduce our error rates? 
• We often get samples that need to be run immediately can you help us insert it into the run? 
• Aside from problems with gas suppliers and solvents, we find we have to rerun about 5% of our samples again, keeping the original results. Can you reschedule samples and store of the original results?

Compliance & AQCs

• We want a way to better guide analysts into using the instrument’s Standard 
• UKAS are happy with our SOP’s but they are all based on paper procedures, can you help us make them more electronic?
• We want to find a way of easily monitoring and reporting Analytical Quality Control Samples (AQCs) and round robin sample results and easily produce charts?
• We need more evidence of compliance at the instrument level?

Data treatment

• We spend hours inspecting every run for accurate interpretation as we can’t use the instrument reporting tool.
• We find the instrument software cannot perform the calculations we want, will your software help?
• We must do many post run calculations, like recovery and drift correction and would like to automate it rather than run the analysis manually
• We would prefer not to use Excel or Crystal Reports as they interfere with instrument operation and make the workstation unstable. 
• My analysts are pretty bored with the tedium of instrument data handling can you make it more fun? 

LIMS Links 

• We want to easily link the instrument data to our LIMS?
• Our LIMS can’t do the calculations we want as standard and the vendor wants a fortune to customize the system, can you run them instead?
• Our LIMS can’t store our QC data, can you store them?
• Our LIMS doesn’t store the instrument raw data, can you help us manage and retrieve it?
• Our LIMS vendor offers an instrument interface solution, but it doesn’t really help improve day to day operation of the instrument, would your system be better? 
• I don’t want to simply transfer results to LIMS without reviewing them first, as the results could impact someone medical treatment, does your software allow that?
• We don’t have a LIMS but use instruments extensively, can you help us log samples and store sample data?


• Our production people want us to interface to their Plant control system (PCS)
• We’ve got a new electronic Lab notebook system (ELN) can you pass data to that? 
• We don’t have a captive programmer/IT person in the lab nor the expertise, can your software do the job and then can you support us afterwards 
• Our IT people are concerned that transferring data is insecure. Do you make sure you transfer data with specific protocols and check sums?

Further Information 

CSols Laboratory Informatics Applications

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Using CSols solutions in Analytical Services
Using CSols solutions in Clinical Biochemistry Labs
Using CSols solutions in Manufacturing
Using CSols solutions in the Pharmaceutical Sector
Using CSols solutions in Microbiology Labs

This is not an exhaustive list of the things that we have done for customers. So if you still cannot find a solution that meets your requirements and you would like us to investigate your needs in more detail then please send us your questions via our contact page or just telephone or email us at: l4l@csols.com for no obligation advice.

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