Some labs manually dilute and re-analyse up to 25% of their ICP or ICP-MS samples.

By | 20th December 2015
CSols AutoDilTo reduce this burden and increase productivity CSols have developed AutoDil software for the automatic detection, calculation, preparation and analysis of dilutions.
AutoDil is part of the Teledyne CETAC High Performance Liquid Dilution (HPLD) System. Together with a powerful autosampler, dilution system and different ICP instruments, it is able to fully automate the dilution of samples that fail their first analysis. So, instead of manually diluting and re-running the samples after an autosampler run, AutoDil will do the whole process for you – saving you time and leaving you free to do other work.
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CSols have a range of software tools designed to help increase your labs performance and efficiency. It includes…
  • Links for LIMS software that provides data transfer directly from your ICP and other instruments to your LIMS system, saving you time and reducing transcription errors.
  • AqcTools to help you meet the AQC/IQC and EQC monitoring, control and auditing demands of regulatory authorities.
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