CSols extends its Teledyne CETAC Technologies Co-Development agreement

By | 20th April 2016

CSols announced today that due to increased demand it will extend its existing co-development agreement with Teledyne CETAC Technologies, and offer a new range of automation solutions by combining its own software with Teledyne CETAC Technologies range of sample introduction systems.

As the popularity, range and complexity of spectroscopy applications and workflows increases, so has the desire to achieve higher levels of laboratory automation and integration. To meet this increased demand CSols will now not only offer its’ own range of innovative automation and integration software products but will also combine its’ software with Teledyne CETAC Technologies hardware and ancillary items to create a range of both standard and bespoke automation solutions. CSols plan to build a series of novel ‘industry’ and ‘application’ focussed solutions, not only for supply to end users but also to distributors, agents, value added resellers (VARs) and instrument vendors alike.

As always any solutions will take advantage of CSols’ considerable experience as a software and solution provider and will be designed to deliver significant improvements in productivity and quality to laboratories of all types.

At Analytica 2016 CSols presented the Teledyne CETAC Technologies High Performance Dilution System (HPLD). This is the first of many new generation solutions where CSols have incorporated novel software control and instrument integration components. Please contact us to discuss technical aspects of the HPLD system and other automation solutions. We are also seeking business partners to discuss appropriate incentives to increase business growth in Europe. In particular where bespoke solutions are required or where specific products are not conveniently available or price listed.

CSols have been supplying and implementing innovative laboratory solutions for over 25 years and are excited by this new direction. “While creating our AutoDil app for dynamic dilution we’ve become aware of the huge potential improvements we can make to all laboratories using our novel software technologies,” says Dr. Phil Goddard, CEO of CSols Ltd. “Consequently we believe our new solutions venture can quickly open up these benefits to a broader audience.”

“While the CSols AutoDil software is packaged with HPLD we are delighted to offer complimentary solutions from CSols to all our clients, including existing OEM’s, agents and resellers”, comments Damon Green, VP of Marketing and Technology at Teledyne CETAC Technologies. “As autosamplers and laser systems become more complex, traditional driver and instrument software lack the capabilities to maximize the potential of the combined, often substantial, equipment investment. We are very excited by the new integration possibilities and with their extensive experience are happy to fully support CSols with this flexible and agile venture”.

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Teledyne CETAC Technologies is headquartered in Omaha, NE and is a leading designer and manufacturer of automated sample handling and sample introduction equipment for laboratory instrumentation. For more information, visit www.cetac.com

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With customers around the world in a wide variety of industry sectors and over 25 years experience CSols is recognized as the leading supplier of laboratory integration software. CSols has a wide range of laboratory software and handheld solutions which help laboratories improve both productivity and result quality.

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