CSols awarded Smart Award to develop game changing software for Analytical Instruments that will have real impact in a $100bn pa market

By | 16th August 2016

Runcorn, UK 16th August, 2016

CSols has been awarded a Smart Award by Innovate UK to develop game changing Instrument PC Essentials (IPCE) software for Analytical Instruments that will have real impact in a $100bn pa market.

Analytical laboratories (Labs) test samples to determine what is in them. A wide range of sophisticated Intelligent Instruments do this work. It is ~ $100bn pa global market. Analytical Instruments (typical cost £30k-100k) are controlled by proprietary software running on attached, dedicated PCs. There are millions of such systems globally. They produce numerical results (e.g. Zinc concentration is 4.6). Usually automated, each instrument generates hundreds/thousands of results/day. Depending on what is being measured, they use different techniques (e.g. spectroscopy) by which the market is segmented. Current Instrument software is effective at generating results, but it is not optimized for maximum operational efficiency in the Lab environment.

CSols Instrument PC Essentials (IPCE)
CSols will maximize instrument efficiency by creating radically designed, new software called Instrument PC Essentials (IPCE).

With over 30 years of global domain expertise and a novel approach, CSols will use leading edge technical innovation and critical use of what are known as software agents (collections of autonomous software systems that collaborate to develop IPCE. Autonomous Intelligent Agent (AIAs) carry out a set of operations on behalf of a user or program with some degree of independence or autonomy and in doing so employ some knowledge of the user goals. AIAs perform many vital tasks such as monitoring result quality, integrating the instrument with external systems, assisting with the initial configuration of IPCE, predicting failures etc.

IPCE will get a new instrument into service faster with higher ongoing availability and throughput. It will also produce results at dramatically lower costs, with better quality and get them to the Lab’s customers quicker.

CSols aim is for Vendors to ship IPCE preinstalled on instrument PCs and so the software must be of low enough cost to effect minimally the end user instrument price and work “straight out of the box”. IPCE must also be so compelling in its benefits to Lab users that it shifts the competitive balance towards instruments that use it.

Savings from using IPCE are such that for most applications it would pay for itself AND the instrument in its lifetime and also provide highly significant quality, speed and usability benefits

Phil Goddard Director & Head of Development said “CSols IPCE technology will shift the competitive landscape for Vendors by providing huge advantages to their users. It will be disruptive in a $100bn p.a. marketplace.”

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