Want to interface all of your instruments? ‘Single Sample’ interface offer!

By | 6th December 2016
  • Are you always waiting to release a sample for a specific instrument based test where the results are still waiting to be transcribed by hand?
  • Do you have a few instruments which you don’t use very often but generate key lab results, however you can’t justify the cost of linking them to your LIMS?
  • Do you have lots of balances and have to record weights by hand and then have to retype them into your instrument queue?
  • Have you found it difficult to link a particular low throughput instrument due to complex connections,  communications or cost?
  • Do you do perform lots of single sample analysis and but your colleagues in manufacturing are always waiting for your results?

If any of these apply to your lab, our ‘single sample’ or infrequent use interfacing offer will help you ? If you are running less than 50 samples per day on the instrument then we’ll link it to your LIMS and and give you the first year’s support for £1,950. That should give you a return on investment within a year. Like to know more? Then please click our single sample interface offer page for more information, ask for sales at 01928 513535 or email us at sales@csols.com