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With increasing awareness of regulatory compliance requirements, and also of the time currently taken up with manual result handling, the vast majority of Specialist Clinical Biochemistry, Toxicology, Forensic and Microbiology service providers are facing major challenges in linking newer ‘batch’ based analytical instrumentation (such as MS based systems) to varied LIS/LIMS and Middleware platforms in a way that eliminates manual transcription and file manipulation.

I cannot connect my instrument and LIMS automatically – can anyone help?
Every Clinical testing service provider faces different challenges in how they meet the demands of their end-users – at CSols we fully understand this and work in partnership with you to meet and exceed your requirements.

I need someone who knows what they are doing …
CSols Ltd have established market leading solutions for Clinical Laboratories based on the Links for LIMS and AqcTools platforms, and have a rapidly increasing installed base across a large number of specialist clinical laboratories worldwide. While Links for LIMS is replacing manual data entry, memory stick use or complex Excel macros, AqcTools is replacing Medlab QC or Excel based charts.

I have to manually transcribe and handle result files to get them to my LIS/LIMS
At CSols we have nearly 30 years operating expertise in providing software solutions for connecting widely varying instrumentation to LIS/LIMS systems, configuring them for each and every customer. This allows us to offer you the ultimate in transcription-error free and file handling errors for all of the major analytical and LIS/LIMS/middleware vendors operating today, with the capabilities needed to rapidly adapt to new technologies as soon as they emerge.

I need to reschedule a test but don’t want to have to send it back to the LIS/LIMS first ?
Links for LIMS gives you an excellent platform for technical validation before interaction with your LIMS. Each Links for LIMS installation is configured to your needs and can easily accommodate instrument based rescheduling, (e.g. Over-range dilution, failed technical validation)

My scientists have to learn different systems for each type of Instrument I have – Why?
As Links for LIMS provides you with the same interface for scheduling, technical validation, result formatting and subsequent upload (typically but not exclusively using the ASTM 1394 transmission protocol), user training is much reduced, manual transcription errors eliminated and workflows are accelerated dramatically, enabling accreditation to international standards such as ISO 15189 to be achieved far more rapidly.

I need to construct my instrument work lists manually to accommodate standards and IQC’s, etc.
Links for LIMSis easily configured to automatically construct your work lists by employing user-definable “seed files”, so you can work as you want to.

My internal QC data has to be extracted reviewed and recorded by hand – Can you help?
Still having to record and monitor your QC data manually? AqcTools is the perfect complement to Links for LIMS allowing automatic extraction, recording and plotting of internal QC data. Save time and resources with this affordable, highly flexible and capable QC toolkit.

I need selective patient information for some analyses but cannot get it across from the LIS/LIMS
Links for LIMS has the option of performing host queries which allow selectable demographic patient data to automatically accompany the sample ID during scheduling for specialist areas such as Haemaglobinopathy, Inborn Errors, Hormone studies and many other clinical areas.

I don’t just want another piece of software for all my staff to learn and struggle with …
At CSols we don’t just sell software – we work in partnership with you and your chosen instrument vendors to develop and implement unique solutions on a one-to-one project driven basis. This way we can help you design a workflow to suit YOUR needs and automate most manual data handling tasks.

I need someone I can trust to work with me into the future …
Using proven, reliable platforms and drivers, with full and ongoing support through personal contact with your allocated project manager, e-support and telephone channels as part of our standard offering, we offer what we believe to be unique, innovative but simple solutions to a very complex set of problems.

I want to focus on delivering what I am best at …
All of this expertise allows you to get on with what you really specialise in – providing the highest possible integrity of the expert information you provide in the shortest possible timescales.

All this sounds expensive? 
You will probably be pleasantly surprised! Please get in touch now with information about your requirements and we’ll be delighted to help.

Further information
Links for LIMS is not limited to running the applications that are described above and can be used for many other mass spectrometric applications, with other vendor instruments and with a range of different LIMS systems. For a copy of an article describing the solution above, for further information about another instrument application or for a demonstration please ask via our enquiry page or call or email us at:

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