Extended calculations for Links for LIMS

By | 19th February 2014

Even if they have a LIMS system more and more of our customers want to perform calculations in Links for LIMS to help validate their results before they finally commit, what could be hundreds or thousands of results, to their LIMS database. Traditionally this has included automatically factoring the result with dilution factors or weights or removing blank corrections. However we have recently extended Links for LIMS to perform more complex ‘IF THEN’ conditional calculations as well as those which make use of data pulled from LIMS. e.g. performing calculations across a range of results and using results from other tests or data which have being extracted from LIMS during setup.

If you think any of these features might help you, please feel free to ask us  via our enquiry form ,email us at sales@csols.com or call on [44] 1928 513535

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