CSols Ltd become UK distributor for Phytronix of Canada

By | 9th January 2020

Phytronix CanadaWe’re pleased to announce that CSols have become the UK authorized distributor for the Phytronix Luxon Laser Diode Thermal Desorption (LDTD) based Ion source and associated consumables. The Luxon Ion source is novel sample introduction system for Mass Spectrometry providing extremely fast analysis times.

Fast Analysis
The Luxon Ion Source is the second generation sample introduction and ionization source based on the LDTD® technology. It uses Fiber Optics for increased ultra-precision laser focus which can provide analysis speeds of less than 1 second per sample, as well as increased performance and robustness for applications with very low sample volumes. The patented ionization source offers outstanding analytical performance in the pharmaceutical, clinical, bioanalytical, forensic, food and environmental industries.

Easy Automation
The Luxon uses 96, 384 or 1536 specially designed microtitre well plates, evaporating dried sample from each well base directly into the Mass Spectrometer. This combination makes automation with simple liquid handling and robotic transfer arm systems easy and so provides very high-throughput and continuous automation for many laboratory workflows. See our Automation Journey.

“After working closely with a Luxon system, we very were impressed by its’ performance and how easy it was to integrate it with a mass spectrometer for hands free operation”, says Kevin Jones, Sales Manager of CSols Ltd. “Looking at the increasing range of methods that are now available, we can’t see why the Luxon cannot be implemented in many laboratories across the UK”, he added.

Complementary data processing
Of course increased sample throughput comes with an increased results handling and administration burden. For example a full 96 well plate of samples requiring a drug screening panel of 30 compounds, will produce    2880 results in less than 15 minutes. As a consequence CSols Links for LIMS and AqcTools software applications for transcription free data analysis and processing, provide an excellent complement to the Luxon system.

New choices
We’re delighted to be able to offer the Luxon here in the UK”, says Dr. Phil Goddard CEO of CSols Ltd. “We believe that it’s flexibility will allow laboratories to move away from the long analysis times typical of chromatography, to a more automated future, with significant improvements in turnaround times”.    

What Next?
We think you’ll be very interested to see how the Luxon system can improve your laboratory. Please visit our Phytronix web page, including a video showing operation, for more information and/or let us know if you’d like more information on t: +44 1928 513535 or e: sales@csols.com