Core Informatics LIMS Collaboration Leverages CSols Links for LIMS™

By | 10th September 2014

Core Informatics LIMS Collaboration Leverages CSols Links for LIMS™

In order to further serve the potential needs of their clients, Core Informatics is expanding the flexibility and versatility of its product suite by partnering with CSols Ltd.

The agreement with CSols Ltd. is concentrated mainly around CSols Links for LIMS™, our instrument interfacing and integration software package that simplifies the otherwise notorious handling and processing of an array of instrument raw data files. Used together, CSols’ Links for LIMS and Core Informatics’ Core SDMS is a powerful tool for Platform for Science and Enterprise clients to extend the integration and utility for new and existing laboratory instruments.

In recent years, pressure to make discoveries efficiently has increased as funding for research laboratories has decreased. To sustain high levels of productivity, laboratories must find a way to maximize the value of each dollar. One way laboratories are doing this is by increasing the return on instrument capital investment. Integrating instruments with LIMS increases organizational efficiency by saving hours of manual data entry, reducing transcription errors, and increasing instrument throughput. More important, the ability to effectively manage a data intensive operation is central to discovery and the creation of intellectual property (IP). Automated organization allows a scientist to dedicate the most time possible to analysis and intellectual interaction with data, which facilitates discoveries and innovation.

The ever changing and advancing market of laboratory instruments, coupled with the increasing urgency to discover, highlights the importance of providing an arsenal of instrument integration apps allowing researchers to consistently capture, analyze, and report instrument results within LIMS. Unlike other technologies, the Core platform coupled with Links for LIMS enables researchers to quickly establish tight integration with a host of contemporary and legacy instruments. More important, the Core platform has the configurability to keep up with the rapid changes that are characteristic of the scientific breakthroughs that require a flexible LIMS architecture to support the integration of new technologies.

Platform for Science from Core Informatics, is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution enabling informatics in the cloud. It provides the scientific community with a flexible, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and share information. It allows scientists to perform the most simple or complex tasks, from tracking sample inventory to automating data collection for HT-ADME and physicochemical profiling. Platform for Science lets scientific organizations purchase or develop the applications they need to create a robust and integrated environment based on the Core Foundation database. This flexibility supports each customer in meeting their unique requirements, without having to pay for unnecessary services or functionality.