Phytronix CanadaPhytronix Technologies Inc. is an innovative company producing a new generation of ion sources for use with mass spectrometers from vendors such as Sciex, Thermo Fisher, Waters and Shimadzu. The latest product, the Luxon Ion source provides a high throughput an highly automatable sample introduction system that avoids the need for chromatography separation. This means that analysis times are significantly faster, taking full advantage of the power of the mass spectrometer’s high specification optics and electronics to quantitate samples. 

Laser Diode Thermal DesorptionLaser Diode Thermal DesorptionAs the schema above explains, a laser diode – on the left – is used to evaporate dried samples sitting in specially designed microtitre well plates, called Lazwell plates. Samples are immediately drawn into the Mass Spectrometer.

Connecting the mass spectrometer
The unit itself is free standing with an adjustable head that can be easily maneuvered in front of the mass spectrometer and quickly attached.  Filled lazwell plates can then be easily added into the sample magazine – maximum 10 plates. 
Lazwell plate placed in Luxon head




Routine Running

Routine operation of the spectrometer is the same as any other autosampler or sample introduction system, with Luxon software drivers allowing full control from the spectrometer software application.

Lazwell plates & sample preparation
Patented LazWell™ plates work exclusively with the LDTD® technology to provide accurate and reproducible results at incredible speed with microvolumes to decrease the cost per sample dramatically.
They are manufactured in a highly controlled environment and all LazWell™ models are barcoded on two sides ensuring a perfect fit with the volume-dispensing precision and sample traceability of conventional liquid handling systems. Plates with 96, 384 and 1534 capacities are also now available in HDE (High Desorption Efficiency), DEC (Desorption Enhancing) & AD (Acid Desorption) coatings.

Wide range of methods
Phytronix have already developed a wide range of Luxon based assay methods for the PharmaceuticalToxicology , Clinical & Environmental/Food markets. Please click on these links for the latest application notes or contact CSols if you have a specific requirement.


Sample preparation and transfer to Lazwell plates can of course be done manually or automation can be build up either with a combination of semi-automated devices or with a sophisticated liquid handling system (e.g. Tecan, Hamilton, Beckman, Agilent, PerkinElmer) to suit throughput and budget. Finally unattended operation can be achieved by combining a liquid handling system with a SCARA or mobile robot. See CSols Automation Journey Level V. 

Details by video

What Next?
We think you’ll be very interested to see how the Luxon system can improve your laboratory. Please visit our Automation Journey web page, for more information and/or let us know if you have questions on t: +44 1928 513535 or e: