About CSols
CSols is a Laboratory Informatics Company, formed in 1990, whose dedicated passion is to maximize your return on investment by improving the effectiveness, productivity and quality of laboratories of all types.

In order to deliver those goals we have distilled our knowledge and expertise into a range of software products and solutions that go ‘Beyond the Technology’ that is commonly used in today’s sophisticated laboratories to help you.

Our products help form a seamless link between sophisticated instruments or laboratory information systems (LIMS) and the laboratory scientist, analyst or technician. CSols solutions help remove the tedium and error rates associated with manual transcription and so maximize the investment in the instrument itself, the reagents used as well as all the laboratory personnel.

Attention to detail
CSols staff have worked in laboratories ourselves and so we realize the significance that even small functional changes in our software can make and how they affect the day to day utility of our solutions in your laboratories. We are very conscious that all laboratories are now regulated by different bodies. We ensure that data is always audited by our software and is available for review in case of regulatory inspection.

Close relationship
We constantly strive to achieve a close working relationship working with our customers, taking a hands-on approach, to ensure optimum efficiencies and performance. We believe that these are essential factors for creating and maintaining our customers’ competitive advantage. This partnership starts in early discussions and continues though implementation and support from our specialists.

Finally we will always continue to develop innovative solutions with the latest technologies while maintaining a deep level of expertise in this our chosen field.

Dr. Phil Goddard
CEO, CSols

To discuss your requirements further or to request a demonstration of our products please feel free to contact CSols via our contact page or just telephone or email me at phil.goddard@csols.com. I look forward to helping you solve your user and regulatory requirements.

CSols Ltd. The Heath, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4QX, UK
Tel:   +44 (0) 1928 513535
Web: www.csols.com

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