CSols & University of Liverpool win new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) award

By | 16th March 2018

CSols Ltd. are pleased to announce the next step in its collaboration with the University of Liverpool’s Department of Computer Science with the award of a new KTP scheme covering the creation of new algorithms in the fields of Data Acquisition and Ontology Generation.

KTP is a government training scheme designed to facilitate partnerships between business and universities or research organisations, placing graduates (KTP Associates) for 1-3 years, to work on challenging, high profile projects. The KTP scheme is administered by Innovate UK (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ innovate-uk). All KTP programmes provide excellent training packages for the associates and bring multiple benefits for the business.

The KTP work plan will comprise two pathways: (i) Data Acquisition (Pathway A) and (ii) Ontology Generation (Pathway B). Whilst defined independently, the pathways are interlinked and come together at various points during the programme of work. As part of the scheme CSols and the University of Liverpool will recruit two PhD students and they will work through a structured programme of work mentored by Professor Frans Coenen and Dr. Valentina Tamma from the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Hamzah Al-Zubi and Director Dr. Phil Goddard from CSols.

CSols are expecting this project to significantly streamline and support the development of disruptive Laboratory Software Applications. If you would like more information about the project and the KTP role please visit our CSols Vacancies page or contact us directly at our HQ in Runcorn on +44 (0)1928 513535.