Professional Consultancy

CSols Services Team is comprised of experts with many years of experience working in laboratories, implementing laboratory informatics systems, and maintaining these systems.

With our proven structured approach to laboratory informatics implementation, which is tailored to the needs of our clients and designed to get your system into production as quickly as possible; CSols will ensure that your implementation project is a complete success.

We offer the following services to help accelerate the implementation of your laboratory system:

•  vendor Selection
•  project Management
•  workflow Analysis and Requirements Definition
•  design
•  configuration and Customization
•  data Migration / Data Loading
•  ongoing System Management and Administration

CSols has expertise in most commercial LIMS systems including:

  • Thermo SampleManager and Nautilus
  • Applied BioSystems SQL*LIMS
  • Thermo LabManager iLIMS & Watson LIMS
  • Zumatrix / Autoscribe Matrix LIMS
  • HP / Agilent LIMS
  • Varian LIMS
  • Labware LIMS
  • LabVantage LIMS
  • PerkinElmer LIMS systems
  • QualTrace LIMS
  • Water Industry LIMS systems
  • Many ‘home grown’ LIMS systems

CSols has expertise in many commercial CDS systems including:

  • Thermo Scientific Atlas
  • Waters Millennium and Empower
  • Agilent Cerity and ChemStation
  • PerkinElmer TotalChrom and TurboChrom
  • Varian Galaxie
  • Agilent/Scientific Software EZChrom
  • Dionex Chromeleon

CSols can readily meet the challenge of implementing your laboratory system on time and regardless of which system you have or may choose to acquire.

If you would like to find out more about our laboratory informatics implementation services, please e-mail or alternatively contact us.

For further information, please either email: or alternatively, contact us to discuss your support requirements in more detail.

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