Go ‘Beyond the Technology’ with CSols

CSols has created a unique product and services architecture that enables the integration and automation of all laboratory instruments, data systems and data repositories with higher level business systems to improve your laboratory’s efficiency and reduce your costs.

Laboratory Systems Integration

 CSols analyses the data systems that exist within each laboratory environment, helping laboratories to choose the right systems and optimizing the performance of each:

•   Analytical instruments
•   Laboratory data management systems – e.g. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS and LIS), Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Electronic
Laboratory Notebooks (ELN)
•  Chromatography Data Systems (CDS)
•  Enterprise applications – e.g. email, document management systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

2 CSols provides the analytically focused software and technology needed to integrate any laboratory data systems, repositories, analytical instruments and higher level enterprise
business systems.

 CSols truly automates the analytical processes that are ordinarily undertaken manually, using a customer driven, hands-on approach to ensure that systems, inter-system processes
and personnel, all operate together as a rational whole.

 CSols multi-disciplinary team of chemists, IT analysts and regulatory specialists look beyond the technology to gain a clear understanding of how each laboratory operates,
providing the expertise, products and services required to maximize quality and return on investment.

Further Information 

To enquire further about working with CSols to benefit your business, improve your laboratory’s efficiency and reduce your costs, please contact CSols at the address below or email us at: systems_integration@csols.com.

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Web: www.csols.com