Special Offer – Like to interface all of your instruments to LIMS, not just the busy ones?

  • Are you always waiting to release a sample for a specific instrument based test where the results are still waiting to be transcribed by hand?
  • Do you have a few instruments which you don’t use very often but generate key lab results, however you can’t justify the cost of linking them to your LIMS?
  • Do you have lots of balances and have to record weights by hand and then have to retype them into your instrument queue?
  • Have you found it difficult to link a particular low throughput instrument due to complex connections,  communications or cost?
  • Do you do perform lots of single sample analysis and but your colleagues in manufacturing are always waiting for your results?

‘Single Sample’ instruments could be a bottleneck?
If any of the questions relate to your own laboratory we are sure that linking one or more of these low volume instruments will resolve bottlenecks and decrease your turnaround times!

Links for LIMS Interfacing offer and a year’s free support
If so our new special offer could be for you. For a fixed price of £1,950 we will link and support any instrument running with < 50 samples per day.

We’ll use our field proven Links for LIMS software and one of our existing instrument and LIMS drivers to capture and process the data ready for LIMS transfer. We’ll then test it and support it for you for a year via our existing support hot line.

At this sort of price and with our commitment to make it work, we believe this investment will pay for itself in less than a year. Plus if you like Links for LIMS and want to use it for other instruments we’ll give you special prices for both additional Links for LIMS licences and for our AqcTools QC Charting software.

Further Information
If you would like to know more then please call us on 01928 513535 or email us for a demonstration or discussion at labproductivity@csols.com.

– Offer applies to the UK (for other countries in Europe please call).
– Valid only for orders received before February 28th 2017
– Deposit of 20% is required with the order.
– Does not include a PC or cables for making physical connection to an instrument