Measuring COD with Merck Spectroquant® Pharo 100 and 300

COD with Merck  SpectroQuant® Pharo 100 and 300 UV/VIS spectrophotometers The Merck SpectroQuant® Pharo 100 and 300 spectrophotometers can measure Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), a commonly analysed parameter in the water and environmental laboratories. COD is important as an indirect indication of the amount of organic pollution in water and is a useful measure of water quality.… Read More »

New Hach Lange driver

We have successfully made a link to the Hach Lange DR390x spectrometer, often used by laboratories for COD analysis. Links for LIMS can pick up the results from the instrument in manual mode and automatically matches them with samples in a LIMS worklist to eliminate transcription. Instrument results can then be reviewed and included in… Read More »

RFID labelling for laboratories

RFTrackIT™ – Laboratory Sample Tracking Solutions CSols expertise extends into the field of Radio Frequency Identification / RFID labelling for laboratories. Although this technology has been around for many years, barcode based labelling is still the main technology used in laboratories. RFID has a number of advantages which could provide major time and efficiency savings.… Read More »