CSols Novel AutoDilution Software for Teledyne CETAC systems

CSols AutoDil in combination with the Teledyne CETAC HPLD system provides a powerful automated instrument dilution system. Substantial time, quality and productivity savings are possible so that the choice of an HPLD system will provide a rapid return in investment for your laboratory. Click here for further information. Click here for CSols Autodil FAQs.

Dendrite Labs open for business!

Dendrite Labs is a new CSols company focussed on providing software solutions to improve laboratory efficiency. Its first product will be Instrument LabTiles™. Instrument LabTiles™ will be available in 2017 and will provide a dashboard display of information for your instrument. CSols nDrites will automatically extract information from the instrument in real time and pass… Read More »

LabMotive’s EEN profile is now live

LabMotive are actively looking for European partners and collaborators. Please take a look at the detailed EEN profile and the Remote Sampler page if you are interested in mobile solutions for remote or external sampling in the environmental, surveying, mining, services or maintenance sectors.

CSols EEN Profile now live!

CSols are actively looking for European partners and collaborators. Please take a look at the detailed Enterprise Europe Network EEN profile if you are interested in any of the range of productivity improvement software that is already available or wish to learn more about CSols new Instrument PC Essentials (IPCE) software for instrument integration.

AqcTools v2.6 released for Improved Routine Analytical Quality Control & Monitoring of Analytical Performance

AqcTools™ v2.6 features: meets or exceeds the requirements of regulatory authorities including UKAS, DWI and MCerts. is used in water, environmental, public health sector and industrial laboratories undertaking chemical, clinical and microbiological analysis. replaces difficult to maintain Excel charts and provides easy to interpret Analytical Quality Control (AQC/IQC) Shewhart / Levey-Jennings control charts that clearly… Read More »

CSols extends its Teledyne CETAC Technologies Co-Development agreement

CSols announced today that due to increased demand it will extend its existing co-development agreement with Teledyne CETAC Technologies, and offer a new range of automation solutions by combining its own software with Teledyne CETAC Technologies range of sample introduction systems. As the popularity, range and complexity of spectroscopy applications and workflows increases, so has… Read More »