Improving your Laboratory Efficiency

CSols powerful laboratory software solutions have been designed to improve laboratory efficiency: reduce laboratory costs, improve turnaround times, reduce transcription errors, improve traceability and help ensure regulatory compliance.
CSols have been interfacing laboratory instruments with LIMS and IT / Corporate data systems since 1990 and producing handheld solutions since 2008.
CSols have created a number of software Apps that are being used routinely to improve laboratory efficiency in many laboratories across the world.
How can our products help you?
We can work with you to provide you with solutions that will improve laboratory efficiency, streamline your laboratory procedures, reduce your analysts’ administration burden and help you meet your improvement goals.
Our expertise is in laboratory software. Besides our growing list of standard Apps, we are also able to provide customised software to meet any laboratory’s specific requirements.

CSols Links4LIMS™ is a compliant, configurable and easy to use instrument interfacing and integration software package that improves laboratory efficiency, delivers time savings and reduces errors in data processing.
Links4LIMS is used and proven in many laboratories throughout the world; linking to many LIMS systems and hundreds of different instruments; saving many hours of manual data handing on each instrument and removing transcription errors that inevitably occur during manual data entry.
Calculations and QC checking are amongst the available functions available.

CSols AqcTools™ allows Laboratories to dynamically display Analytical Quality Control (AQC) charts to monitor lab performance, provides paper-free, auditable investigations of control limit failures, includes comprehensive reports and reduces the time to assess and process your QC data. AqcTools includes comprehensive limit and chart review functionality.
Are you collecting planned or ad hoc samples and recording field based measurements? Do you need a Mobile Data Capture System that sends data straight back to your LIMS?
CSols Remote Sampler™ is a tablet based system that uses a configurable wizard to guide a sampler through the sampling process ensuring compliance with company SOP’s. All samples are electronically date / time / user stamped with the GPS position recorded to provide verifiable sample collection. Remote Sampler provides a comprehensive audit report of all sampling activities.

Our Implementation and Support team have a unique mix of many years of experience working and managing in both laboratories and Enterprise IT environments. We can work with you to find the right solution for your laboratory and provide high quality support to keep your laboratory working even when changes are made to procedures.

CSols prides itself on providing our customers with a high quality service – from which we receive lots of positive feedback; see what one talented Analyst has penned about Links4LIMS and AqcTools.

Please contact us to discuss your laboratory data issues and let us work with you to find a solution that improves your laboratory efficiency and meets your customers’ requirements. Send us your questions via our enquiry page or via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or phone (details below) for no obligation advice.

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