Making the most from your ICP or ICP-MS

ICP and ICP-MS instruments are often a key component of a laboratory’s analysis arsenal. These techniques are adaptable to many matrices and offer multi-element (multiplexing) analysis per sample to maximize throughput and low detection limits (ICPMS) or sensitivity to difficult elements (ICP) or matrices. Instruments are easily automated with autosamplers and so can quickly generate a large number of results.

Making the most?
To make the most of your instrument investment, get the optimum productivity and quality, it is important to keep the instrument busy and make sure your analysts don’t spend their lives transcribing data and doing number crunching.

Touch points
At CSols our products address the following ‘touch points’ around routine operation :

a) Instrument setup and loading
Every instrument has a run sequence builder. There might be an import function or ability to enter data manually. But for the fastest way to load a run is to use CSols Links for LIMS. We have driver software for all the vendor’s software and can automatically build in QCs, standards and duplicates and all the setup data to get a run going quickly.

b) Dynamic Dilution
Find you get a lot of over range samples and need to manually dilute samples. Well CSols AutoDil software and Teledyne CETAC autosamplers can automatically dilute all the over range samples for you.

c) Results processing and review
Resorting to Excel and macros to extract your data ready to report or send to LIMS? Well Links for LIMS does all the processing in one go. Extraction, translation, calculations, logic, formatting, rounding, assignment with test codes and LIMS export are all done in one program.

d) AQCs OK?
Did your AQCs work OK for the whole run? Got any limit exceptions or trends? Why not try AqcTools? It automatically picks up AQC results from Links for LIMS, stores them in a database and allows you to keep all limits and report all the statistics.

We have helped many of our customers make considerable improvements in productivity and quality. Why not give us a call or request a demonstration? Please feel free to contact CSols via our enquiry page or just telephone.

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