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CSols Links for LIMS - Better instrument interfacing and systems integration

CSols Links  for LIMS™ is a compliant, flexible, easy to use instrument interfacing and integration software package that provides an effective solution to address the fact that raw instrument results cannot usually be reported directly without further review, manipulation and validation.

Results review usually requires an analyst’s intervention and approval by themselves and higher authorities.

Instrument based techniques are used to perform the vast majority of analysis in laboratories. However in order for a laboratory to maximize its (often considerable) investment in those instruments by effectively ensuring the reporting of quality lab results accurately and quickly to its customers, it must typically overcome two challenges:

•  to navigate / link to its own organization’s IT system

A LIMS, LIS, ELN, SDMS, database or simply spreadsheets are often used as a vehicle to manage samples and results and deliver reports to end users or customers. However communication protocols and formats are rarely compatible between instruments and IT systems.

•  to implement your company’s analytical techniques / Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

CSols Links for LIMS overcomes the above challenges.

Links for LIMS design

Links for LIMS is typically installed on the instrument workstation and interacts with users via a graphical user interface:

CSols Links for LIMS Report Out Program

Whilst CSols Links for LIMS moves and manipulates data files, its main role is to help analysts carry out their tasks quickly, efficiently and compliantly. Particular attention is paid to automating many actions and keeping keyboard and mouse interaction to a bare minimum.

CSols Links for LIMS Review Results

Links for LIMS instrument interfacing and LIMS system integration software includes:

• a SETUP program which interacts with LIMS to obtain a list of work and so easily set up an instrument Run electronically.
• a RESULTS Reporting program which reads the completed instrument result file(s), provides user review and then allows results to be electronically sent back to LIMS.

Analytical Instrument / LIMS interfacing drivers

The routine operation of Links for LIMS software is usually identical for all LIMS, Instruments and application areas. This is achieved by using unique CSols Links for LIMS background Drivers. The Driver handles the differences in operation and file types between various instruments and LIMS systems, so that user interaction is common across all laboratory instruments. This helps reduce training costs and improve productivity. Drivers are modular and can be replaced at any time should the LIMS or instrument and/or its software change, without effecting routine operation.

Parsing, conversion & intelligent data control

Instrument and LIMS Drivers often combine a number of roles, typically these are :

  • parsing the extracting of data from files of different formats
  • conversion taking data after processing and producing data files in different formats for onward transmission, sometimes in industry standard formats
  • intelligent data control conducting conversations with the instrument and LIMS/IT data systems so that data flows between systems is in a timely and secure manner

In combination these capabilities make Links for LIMS unique and allow it to work even with the most difficult LIMS and instrument combinations.

Helping the Analyst

In a typical LIMS application the Setup and Result Report programs help with the following tasks:

Links for LIMS Instrument Setup

  • extracts sample information from LIMS for outstanding analyses
  • creates an instrument pre-run list with relevant QCs inserted in the correct run positions
  • allows the user to review, to insert or delay samples or QCs, add dilution factors etc.
  • creates/sets up an instrument electronic run list which can be opened directly by the instrument software so that the instrument can be run without further manual interaction

Instrument Results Review

  • extract the instrument results file
  • align the results to the sample information
  • calculate, check and flog sample and QC results against their target values
  • compare sample results with any preset limits
  • run any cross measurement or sample calculation, blank or drift correction
  • display results in a matrix with colour coding to aid interpretation
  • provide user interaction to hold or rework samples
  • electronically submit ‘reportable’ samples to LIMS once the analyst has agreed results can be released, using a single function
  • right clicking a result in the spreadsheet allows the user to view and interact with AQC Charts (using the CSols AqcTools charting and statistical analysis software)
CSols Links for LIMS AqcView
Links for LIMS – viewing AQC Control Charts
                     (Click to enlarge)

Links for LIMS Summary

Links for LIMS provides a powerful modular conduit between all types of instruments and LIMS systems. The software is being routinely used on hundreds of instruments types worldwide and releases analysts from many time consuming tasks – typically 1 hour saved for loading 150 samples and 1 hour per 200 results reviewed and entered manually into LIMS. In addition reduced transcription (for example there are often 3 transcriptions per run for manual operation) significantly improves the quality of results transferred to LIMS where errors of between 3% to 5% per transcription are observed.

Further Information

For further information or a demonstration of Links for LIMS please feel free to contact CSols via our enquiry page or just telephone or email us at links4lims@csols.com.
We look forward to helping you solve your user and regulatory requirements.

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