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CSols powerful laboratory software solutions have been designed to reduce your laboratory costs, turnaround times and transcription errors and to help improve your traceability, analytical performance and ensure quality lab results. We can help guide you ‘Beyond the Technology’ that you are using in your laboratory today to provide you with solutions that will streamline your lab procedures, reduce your analyst’s administration burden and help you meet your improvement goals.

We have devised a series of software application packages which are being used routinely in many laboratories across the world. Please select the application below that from the table below that will help you most and we’d be delighted to help understand how that can meet your requirements.

CSols AqcTools RFTrackIT Product
CSols Links for LIMS Instrument Interfacing and Systems Integration CSols-Remote-Sampler-Windows-7-Tablet-PC-for-Water-Quality-Remote-Sampling-


CSols Links for LIMS™

Instrument and Laboratory Systems Integration software helps maximize your investment in instrumentation by helping analysts easily interact with their instruments and report quality lab results. Analysts are easily able to review the result data being produced rather than relying on tedious manual entry or complex file conversions.


Charting, Statistical Analysis and Exceptions Reporting and Management of AQCs

CSols AqcTools™ helps QA Managers and analysts to produce Analytical Quality Control (AQC) charts, statistics and exceptions reports about their instrument results and get immediate feedback on instrument analytical performance and results quality. Read More>>>


Are you collecting planned or ad hoc samples and field based measurements? Do you need a Mobile Data Capture System that sends data straight back to your LIMS?

CSols Remote Sampler™ is a handheld based, PDA / Tablet PC ruggedized system that incorporates a bar code reader and on board software which can include Sat Nav to guide samplers to the right location for accurate and GPS, date/time/user stamped, verifiable sample collection and labelling. Systems improve audit trail and chain of custody. Read More>>>


BactiAnalyst™ is a ruggedized paper-less PDA solution for microbiological laboratories in commercial or government organizations analyzing water, food or other sample types. If you are performing microbiological / bacteriological testing and want to eliminate your paperwork systems and improve turnarounds times and traceability then CSols BactiAnalyst™ system could be the solution for you.  Read More>>>

CSols LabCache™

Even if you have a LIMS system you may not be able to easily find then access all that raw data and SOP’s that were used to produce specific results. CSols LabCache is a database system designed to collect and store every data item being collected in the lab whether you have a LIMS system or do not. Read More>>>

How can we help you?

We have been interfacing laboratory instruments, LIMS and IT / Corporate data systems since 1990 and producing handheld solutions since 2008. Please see examples of our Laboratory Informatics Solutions for different laboratories below and let us know how we can best help you.

CSols Laboratory Informatics
Software and Services Solutions

Using CSols solutions in the Water & Environment Sector
Using CSols solutions in Analytical Services
Using CSols solutions in Clinical Biochemistry Labs
Using CSols solutions in Manufacturing
Using CSols solutions in the Pharmaceutical Sector
Using CSols solutions in Microbiology Labs

This is not an exhaustive list of the things that we have done for customers. So if you still cannot find a solution that meets your requirements and you would like us to investigate your needs in more detail then please send us your questions via our enquiry page or just telephone or email us at: for no obligation advice.

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