Free Clinical Instrument Interfacing Workshop – 21st March 2017. Book your place now!

  • Spending hours typing in results manually to your LIMS?
  • Having to use memory sticks to transfer results around?
  • Spent a lot of money on a Mass spec but still copying and pasting results into Excel sheets?
  • Worried about transcription errors or mix ups with samples that go undetected?
  • Your IT department won’t let you connect your instrument PC to the network?
  • Don’t understand much about networking or LIMS systems but want to improve turnaround  times and patient outcome?
  • Recording all your IQC data on paper, running manual charts and looking for an electronic alternative to meet ISO15189 requirements?

We’ve been interfacing Mass Spectrometers of all types and brands to different LIMS systems at hospitals around the world for many years. Along the way we learnt a few things and would like to share them with you. If you’d like to understand how interfacing might work in your lab, want to get one of your Mass Specs linked or are already one of our customers and want to connect more of your systems, then please book the date in your diary.

Networking, Bidirectional, Host query
You’ll learn about how to link your instrument PC to your network, what’s the difference between a bi-directional and a uni-directional link, how to conduct host queries for test requests and of course how to do all your results processing in a single step.  Like to know more about the event or how we can help? Then please email us on or ask for sales at 01928 513535.