CSols AutoDil – FAQs

CSols AutoDil Software – Frequently Asked Questions General What is the CSols AutoDil software? AutoDil is a software application (app) which is part of the Teledyne CETAC Technologies High Performance Liquid Dilution (HPLD) system. The HPLD system comprises the ASX-560 Autosampler and SDX Dilutor and is designed to work with all ICP and ICP-MS instruments from… Read More »


CSols Instrument LabTiles™

LabTiles created through CSols new company Dendrite Labs  Instrument LabTiles™ has been designed to improve data visibility and instrument control in your laboratory.      How we can help you? CSols can help you improve your laboratory efficiency through the use of our new web based dashboard application called Instrument LabTiles™. Instrument LabTiles™ has lots… Read More »


CSols RFTrackIT – Managing clinical kit sample dispatch & receipt with fully configurable QR code & RFID sample tracking system

CSols RFTrackIT™ is a highly configurable scalable sample and location tracking system specifically designed for the hierarchical storage of both room temperature and low temperature samples and sub-samples. The system can be readily used to manage the definition of clinical kits and subsequent dispatch & receipt of patient samples. RFTrackIT also allows you to store  anonymized data… Read More »


CSols RFID labelling system speeds up identification and tracking of FFPE Blocks

CSols new RFID labelling system speeds up identification and tracking for Histology Units using Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Blocks. You no longer need to hand-write sample identification on tissue cassettes or use labels that you need to stick over waxy plastic surfaces or indeed use proprietary cassette writing equipment. CSols RFTrackIT lets you use modern RFID labels… Read More »


Links for LIMS

Links for LIMS CSols Links for LIMS™ is a complete instrument integration package for analytical laboratories. This compliant, configurable and easy to use instrument interfacing and integration software package will provide noticeable time savings and reduction in data processing errors. Additionally, this provides an effective solution to address the fact that raw instrument results cannot usually be… Read More »


CSols AqcTools™ v2.6 Overview

The complete AQC software package CSols AqcTools™ v2.6 allows users to dynamically display Analytical Quality Control (AQC) charts to monitor lab performance, provides paper-free, auditable investigations of control limit failures, includes comprehensive reports and reduces the time to assess and process your QC data. Customers in water, environmental, public health sector and industrial laboratories undertaking… Read More »


CSols AutoDil™ Software

Automatic detection, calculation, preparation & analysis of dilutions Multi-element analysis  by ICP-OES or ICP-MS is a powerful technique which is very popular in a wide range of laboratories including those analysing minerals, metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food,  blood and urine as well as used oils, water and soils. Wide range of concentrations While these instruments offer speed,… Read More »


CSols Remote Sampler for Mobile Data Capture and Remote Sampling

CSols Remote Sampler™ Obtaining samples is a critical and labour intensive task carried out by organizations of all types. The actual process of collection and recording has benefited little from advances in computerization. However driven by the overwhelming need to: reduce the costs of collection, provide a paperless chain of custody throughout the life of… Read More »


CSols Links for LIMS – FAQs

FAQs – Links for LIMS We help laboratory scientists and managers who come to us with a wide variety of questions, dilemmas and requests. Here’s some of them: Instrument interfacing – Links for LIMS General & Connectivity • I need to find ways of improving the lab turnaround times, can interfacing help?  • We don’t run many… Read More »