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CSols powerful laboratory software solutions have been designed to reduce your laboratory costs, turnaround times and transcription errors and to help improve your traceability, analytical performance and ensure quality lab results. We can help guide you ‘Beyond the Technology’ that you are using in your laboratory today to provide you with solutions that will streamline… Read More »


Dendrite Labs-TO BE DELETED

Dendrite Labs/CSols Innovative Web Based Software Solutions have been designed to improve visibility and control in your laboratory. How we can help you Here at Dendrite Labs/CSols we can help you improve your laboratory efficiency through the use of our new and exciting web based dashboard application, LabTiles. LabTiles has a range of functionalities for… Read More »


Making the most from your ICP or ICP-MS

ICP and ICP-MS instruments are often a key component of a laboratory’s analysis arsenal. These techniques are adaptable to many matrices and offer multi-element (multiplexing) analysis per sample to maximize throughput and low detection limits (ICPMS) or sensitivity to difficult elements (ICP) or matrices. Instruments are easily automated with autosamplers and so can quickly generate… Read More »


CSols Laser Ablation Manager

Laser Ablation Work Are you expanding your Laser Ablation work but spending more time on data analysis than running samples? Do you want to synchronize both laser and instrument operation to run more sophisticated experiments with real time feedback? Do you want to more easily link to downstream visualization programs and databases? Two decades of… Read More »


CSols Solutions for Laser Ablation

CSols Laser Ablation Manager At CSols we have over two decade of experience in setting up, capturing and processing data from analytical instruments and sample introduction systems of all types. We have recently developed an application which incorporates real time export and normalization procedures, opening up options for further control and data display. Independent of vendor… Read More »


zOctober 2013 Newsletter

     CSols ‘Going Beyond the Technology’ to improve your laboratory efficiency and results quality   Effective Instrument Interfacing and Systems Integration Save Time, Money and Improve Lab Efficiency and Results Quality CSols can help any analytical laboratory improve the quality of results , quicker and economically with consistent turnaround times to external and internal customers… Read More »


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FAQs – Handheld Computers

FAQs – Handheld Computers   We help laboratory scientists and managers who come to us with a wide variety of questions, dilemmas and requests for hand held computers. Here’s some of them: • How can you help me integrate hand held computers into our business? •There is no space to place a dedicated pc for every… Read More »