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@SWIG Meetings SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group) is a not for profit information, ideas-exchange, and networking group with a diverse UK-wide membership drawn from the water and process industries, sensor manufacturers and their distributors, academic institutions involved in sensor research, regulatory bodies and consultants working in the field of water management. SWIG focuses on… Read More »

Environmental FAQ Q and A’s

What are the key considerations outsourced testing and analytical labs should keep in mind when selecting a software solution? And why are they important? Analytical labs should look for a software solution that is quick to install, easy to use and is provided by a company that can maximize the lab’s return on investment by improving… Read More »

CSols Solutions for Water and Environmental Laboratories

Water and Environmental analytical laboratories perform a very wide range of analytical techniques for inorganic, organic and physical determinands (DETS) at medium to high throughput sample capacity. Such labs need to be able to produce quality results quickly and economically, with consistent turnaround times, and meet the requirements of accreditation bodies such as the DWI… Read More »

Solutions for Analytical Services Laboratories

Welcome to the CSols website page dedicated to laboratories in the commercial or government sectors whose goal is to produce quality results quickly and economically for their customers, while still maintaining their accreditations e.g. UKAS, MCERTS, ISO17025, ISO9002 and other National / International regulations. Over the years we have used both our Links for LIMS… Read More »