FAQs – Remote Sampler

FAQs – Remote Sampler


We help laboratory scientists and managers who come to us with a wide variety of questions, dilemmas and requests regarding remote / field sample-data collection / data capture. Here are some of those:

• I need a new field data capture system!
• How do I automate the collection and recording of data in the field?
• How do I reduce the costs of collection?
• We’re a regulated industry – how do I provide a paperless trail of custody throughout the life of the sample to meet regulatory requirements, e.g. UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (Water), Food Standards Agency, MCERTS, EA, EPA? 
• We have a LIMS and other IT systems – how do we take full advantage of those highly automated systems already in place in our laboratories and business?

We need a solution that is:

• Robust to harsh environments and handling
• Has a large screen for easy to use operation with menus and wizards 
• Is usable with finger and pointers
• Incorporates support for barcode reading, GPS, Bluetooth and easy electronic data transfer 
• Uses a common operating system for portability as new hardware becomes available

Further Information 

CSols Laboratory Informatics Applications

Using CSols solutions in the Water & Environment Sector
Using CSols solutions in Analytical Services
Using CSols solutions in Clinical Biochemistry Labs
Using CSols solutions in Manufacturing
Using CSols solutions in the Pharmaceutical Sector
Using CSols solutions in Microbiology Labs

This is not an exhaustive list of the things that we have done for customers. So if you still cannot find a solution that meets your requirements and you would like us to investigate your needs in more detail then please send us your questions via our contact page or just telephone or email us at: remotesampler@csols.com for no obligation advice.

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