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Dendrite Labs/CSols Innovative Web Based Software Solutions have been designed to improve visibility and control in your laboratory.

How we can help you

Here at Dendrite Labs/CSols we can help you improve your laboratory efficiency through the use of our new and exciting web based dashboard application, LabTiles. LabTiles has a range of functionalities for each area of your laboratory and aims to improve visibility and control in your laboratory in a safe environment.

Instrument LabTiles™

Are you having difficulty accessing important data from your instruments in real-time from any location? Do you require a more efficient failure prediction system within your lab? Then Instrument LabTiles is a perfect fit for you.

With Instrument LabTiles providing you with a range of advanced functionalities, you can now have access to your laboratory through the touch of a screen. Instrument LabTiles enables real-time data access and analysis of all your instruments within your laboratory and most importantly provides within a secure environment.

Check out our features that are included within your Instrument LabTiles Dashboard:

  • Check your instrument and analysis status
  • Have real-time access to your data
  • Safe Costs
  • Identify analytical failures
  • Improve your instrument performance
  • Helps you save time and resources
  • Unlimited connection of all laboratory instruments regardless of vendor brand or model