CSols RFID Partner speaking at Remote Sampler Forum, 8th March 2017

Frits van Calker, MD, RFIDDirect will be speaking at CSols Remote Sampler / Mobile Data Capture Forum, 8th March 2017 in Runcorn.

CSols partner with RFIDDirect (www.RFIDDIRECT.EU) to provide RFID and QR code solutions for all laboratories that require enhanced sample tracking for regulatory compliance using CSols RFTrackIT software.

We have recently deployed a new sample tracking system for HTA compliance in MRC’s UK Brain Bank Network. RFIDDirect helped select and configure appropriate scanners and printers for the new system. In combination with CSols RFTrackIT software and specialist ultra-low temperature RFID labels the new system is live across the UK.

CSols have also worked with RFIDDirect (to utilize temperature tracking of sample containers for a medical device company.

We are currently collaborating on new RFID sample tracking / chain of custody systems for the water/environmental sector as well as tracking high value biopharma products and forensic items.

To discuss your requirements or request further information please email: rftrackit@csols.com .