CSols Presentations

@SWIG Meetings

SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group) is a not for profit information, ideas-exchange, and networking group with a diverse UK-wide membership drawn from the water and process industries, sensor manufacturers and their distributors, academic institutions involved in sensor research, regulatory bodies and consultants working in the field of water management.

SWIG focuses on the use of sensor and associated technologies for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment processes and infrastructure, as well as in natural environments and waters.

‘Data Visualisation & Interpretation’ meeting in Droitwich Spa
CSols AqcTools for Analytical Quality Control (AQC) data manipulation, charting and regulatory compliance

@WWEM 2012 Exhibition in Telford
WWEM is focused on measurement, testing and analysis for the water and wastewater and environmental industry. November 2012 was the fifth time this dedicated biennial event was held. WWEM has evolved into a very successful event since its inception back in June 2005. The event has firmly established itself as the number one event for Water/Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring professionals to attend.

A new innovative sample tracking technology for environmental and water samples, from collection to analysis.
CSols Remote Sampler – Workshop Presentation

CSols solutions reduce laboratory costs, turnaround times, transcription errors and improve the quality of released results.
CSols-Reducing laboratory costs – Workshop Presentation

Presentation to British Water Innovation Meeting at WWEM 2012 – Improving Lab Efficiency and Quality of Results

CSols Remote Sampler – WWEM – British Water Innovation Meeting